David Batchelor was educated at the prestigious architectural stained glass course at Swansea, studying for a 6 year period, and continued to develop drawing and painting skills, undertaking a number of commercial artwork projects. He ran a stained glass studio for a company that made Victorian and Edwardian windows. After a couple of years he felt the time had come to expand my skills as a growing passion for illustration and glass painting increased.
Traditional Glass was established, with the desire to add colour into every home and he still holds these beliefs today. 
Stained glass and lead light panels are also made to order. He makes the panels in the traditional way, using lead came, although they can be incorporated into double-glazed units if required. Details such as lettering can be painted on using glass enamels which are then fired in the kiln. He can also use the kiln to create a custom-made piece of glass for a particular part of a window.
"Over the past 25 years he has undertaken a large number of jobs in both traditional and modern art glass and thanks you all for your support and interest in he Traditional Glass".

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