Before and After restoration.
Internal Ch stained glass
Internal picture of windows completely restored.
With the use of conservation techniques that required a great deal of kiln formed and cold painting to restore the windows to there restored appearance whilst maintaining all original components.
Christ Hospital School.
The Dining hall windows were in need of complete remaking and
conservation. These windows are originally from the Great hall of London and rehoused 100 years ago at the school, the panels needed to be completely restored.
Working closely with the stonemasons to match the colour and consistency of the pointing required to replace all the traditional stained glass into the restored stonework.

Traditional Lead Light Windows.

Traditional lead light windows, a Surrey cottage needed complete restoration, with additional wooden and metal frame conservation.

Before and After restoration.

With the use of hand blown clear glass which included seeds and bubbles that reflected the appearance of old glass from a distance, the undulation  on all the replacement glass helped to maintain the old / traditional look in the conservation area.
Replacement of complete landing window.
Once a chosen design has been altered / modified to meet the clients requirements (see below), we then have an additional meeting with the completed design to chose colours, while this process is being completed a double glazing company surveys and supplies us with the final glass dimensions so work can commence. 
Traditional lead light landing window, needed to be replaced from the complete frame and art glass, We initially went about working on design solutions for the replacement decorative lead lights.
Stained glass designs
Once manufacturing of the frames and glass units have been made to include our decorative lead lights fitting and completion begins.
Installed double glazed stained glass
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