Decorative lead light  Gallery

Decorative Leaded lights became very popular buildings in the Victorian era. Victorian style required that decoration be applied to almost everything and so windows and doors were subject to the same treatment, using coloured and stained glass to enhance the panels.
In the Edwardian era came a simpler, plainer , less fussy design philosophy, however glass was still used as decoration but with different designs to suit the new era. Design evolved rapidly after WW1 and the styles of the 1920’s and 30’s are easily recognisable. After WW2 fashions started to change as soon as building started again and whilst some houses were built to 1930’s plans including the door and window leaded lights these became very rare by the mid 50’s.

From the 1960’s leaded lights along with many other period features became decidedly unfashionable and consequently many original examples, when they needed repairing or scrapped. Indeed, in many instances the door and window frames were scrapped with them and often characterless replacements installed in their place. This is still going on today promoted by the replacement window industry, this however is altering due to the ability to be placed within modern standard double-glazed units. 
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