Repair and make traditional lead lights 

At Traditional glass we are specialist's in lead window repairs . If your leaded window is cracked or damaged, we can repair or remake it with the matching material from our extensive range. Using our expertise skills and experience, the new matching glass will be indistinguishable from the rest of the existing glass or windows.
Decorative lead light windows 

Decorative lead lights are made up of small pieces of glass supported in lead cames. The difference between decorative lead lights is the use of coloured glass and lead only to create the window without the use of glass painting, which is staining the glass hence the name stained glass.
We design, repair, or fully re-make complete lead lights, and use diverse types of antique, coloured, and decorative glass.
Stained glass windows

Whether it be for traditional or modern stained glass windows for architects, churches or homes, our bespoke design service will give you a stained glass window to cherish for years to come. Whether you have a Victorian or Edwardian front door entrance or need ultra-modern art glass panels for interior or exterior windows and doors, we can produce a stained-glass window to suit your needs.
Triple glazing stained and leaded glass, 

A stained glass panel is encapsulated inside a double glazed unit. either an existing stained and leaded glass is removed from the window frame of your house, the old edge lead of the panel is removed and the panel is then re-sized. At the same time we will undertake complete restoration. We also create new leaded and stained glass windows to suit any location old and new.

"We design, manufacture, and fit stained glass and leaded lights for single and double glazed windows.
In addition we offer glass painting, restoration work to existing stained glass, repairs to traditional lead lights and a bespoke design service.
We offer a wide range of styles from traditional to contemporary.."

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